Our Story

The 9th month of the Tamil Panchankam, Margazhi enflames a warm, familiar reminisce where one would find vibrant silk sarees, Mallipoos, Jhimikis, the ragas and talas, graceful spellbinding performances, delightful experiences, dazzling colours, extravagant galas and where festivities are galore. We, at Margazhi, offer you this and more. Margazhi is an online Designer store where you’d experience a culmination of rich tradition woven deftly with contemporary dexterity, to serve you with a humble package of what is often described as rapture in attire. Margazhi focuses on redesigning style packed with India’s captivating unique ethnicity. We constantly innovate and put a twist on contemporaneous clothing ensemble to present a whiff of the desi charm. We don’t sojourn with our fall-line, and we take deep pride in transforming used effects into wares with a new purpose and utility. Margazhi stemmed from a rather exquisite leisure pursuit of converting empty bottles into beautifully quaint lamps. Three years down the lane, a strong inclination to expand this dream, lace it into reality transpired, and here is Margazhi, which rings of an entirety of vivid art, dazzling culture and a distinct sophistication. We strive to present each item with perfection, quality and tremendous amount of love. Our dream has always been to deliver our products of class to the mass. Our products are reasonably priced with a prudent commitment to give you, but the best of our craftsmanship. We anticipate you return to us delighted and exultant on your journey with us.