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Gender has diversified itself. No more is it a stable trait, consistent of discrete categories. Now it all depends on what gender one identifies with; not about body parts, femininity/masculinity, or fitting one specific mold. Aval is a celebration of anybody who identifies with the idea of feminine nuances. Anyone who chooses to cultivate and nurture the feminine energy within them. Anybody wanting to explore their feminine side, stretching beyond the bounds of conventional womanhood, defined by society. For us, they are all her or Aval. Aval who finds strength in who she/they are. Aval who enjoys tenderness. Aval who takes strides in school or career; dreaming of an accomplishment. Aval who lifts others up. Aval who wears dresses and heels; Aval who ties up her/their work boots or tucks her/their saree; ready to take on the day. In a celebration of identifying with being a woman, this campaign from Margazhi is close to our hearts. We want to voice to the world, that Womanhood is not defined by relationships, jobs, body parts, or anything else — it's not defined by anyone or anything but yourself.


An elegant collective of inspired saris that are for anyone who identifies with the idea of being a woman -  presenting Aval.  Patchwork sarees that seamlessly integrate the intricacy of different fabrics and designs with the luxuriousness of silk, tussar and breezy cottons from South India. In subtle colours, these supple sarees bring together different distinct cultures with a rich heritage of weaving. Experience the opulence of Aval as you embrace and nurture your feminine energy.

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