Madurai Cotton

At Margazhi, old is beautiful and simplicity is luxury! The city of Madurai is known as one of the pillars of Tamil civilisation. From here, various art and crafts were born. Weaving is one of the ancient craft practised by the weaving communities of Madurai. The weavers here had once travelled from a far and settled in the city during the reign of Thirumalai Nayakar. The Naikars patronized the weaver's colony and the craft thus survives till now.

Madurai cottons are known for its simplicity and comfort. As the supple fabric wraps around you, you are transported to the divine streets of the ancient city, replete with the fragrance of Jasmine. 

Modern patterns adorn this cotton wonder, with exquisitely natural dyed block printed motifs on the body. Six yards of pure cotton is also refreshing to wear, in the hot, sultry summers.