Madurai Kattam



At Margazhi, old is beautiful and simplicity is luxury! The city of Madurai is known as one of the pillars of Tamil civilization. From here, various art and crafts were born. Weaving is one of the ancient craft practised by the weaving communities of Madurai. The weavers here had once travelled from afar and settled in the city during the reign of Thirumalai Nayakar. The Naikars patronized the weaver's colony and the craft thus survives till now.

The Cotton used in the looms of Madurai is of the highest quality. It is exported to various parts of the world. The colours are borrowed from the natural abundance around us and the Motifs are old. You will fall in love with the Mayil and other birds resting at ease across its borders and pallu. Our latest collection has the tiny 'Kattams' but, do wait, as we have planned a beautiful large 'kattam' collection. This weave is known for the prominent borders that you will surely fall in love. As stated always, the oldest weaves.