Margazhi Series | December Patchwork

As we step into the 5th year of Margazhii, we bring you, our special collection. Inspired by the aromatic filter coffees of the Sabha Canteens and the hazy mornings of this season, the saris celebrate the hues of Margazhi. 

With this month, we yet again reflect on the various milestones that we have crossed and the many more that we need to accomplish. Today, each sari in this repertoire has become a piece of our soul. Its cascading yards hold our secrets and dreams in its borders and pallav. We have added nuances to the Margazhii Sari that not only become a unique style on its own but has also transformed into an identity of the brand over the years.

At Margazhii, we want you to believe in the unknown, the deep realms of your heart that asks you to dream big. This collection is dedicated to the ever-growing tribe that we draw inspiration from, the women who flaunt us, who trusts in us and all the women who are bonded through our weaves. We want to grow with you and look forward to being associated with us at every stage. 

Thanks a million! Our story is as much yours as it's ours!

Madhulika Kapilavayi
Founder, Margazhi