Madurai Cotton Series II

That smell of Jasmine wafts through the air as she knots her hair into a bun, making space for the fragrant addition. It sits pretty in the midst of a lustrous black circle. Saurashtrians were inspired by this feminine facet when they introduced the famous Madurai sungudi cottons; sunnam meaning round in Sanskrit.

Today, the traditional Madurai sungudi sees a new avatar. We continue to cherish the tender cotton with the addition of exquisite borders that transport us to enchanting gardens where nature roams free. We are still in awe of the lustre and strength that mercerized cotton provides as we marvel at the ability of the fabric to mould itself into any outfit we desire. 

At Margazhi, we would like to walk you through our exclusive line of Madurai Cottons that are not only alluring in colour combinations but are also pure and timeless.